top 5 Best Android 12 Custom ROMs in 2022

In this article, we will look at the best Android 12 custom ROMs that will be free of bugs or bugs on the OS. Any of these custom ROMs can be considered the best and this list is not organized in any way. Just choose the one that best meets your needs and you will not be disappointed.

Android 12 is an open-source project that makes it accessible to any existing developer. Every year we see a new version of Android from Google and smartphone manufacturers and developers are using this release to upgrade their Android 12 Custom ROM version. Most smartphone manufacturers install bloatware on their OS and download it to their devices only. Every smartphone manufacturer has its own OS and they continue to provide support for their devices by updating every OS for two years.

What are Custom Android ROMs?

Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system. It also has one of the most active developer communities. Since Google has made Android open-source, it means the source code of the operating system (OS) itself is available to developers, and anyone can make their own version of Android if they know what they are doing.

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This is the reason why the Android OS varies from Google’s Pixel devices to Samsung’s OneUI and Xiaomi’s MIUI and everything else. This also means that individual developers can create their own custom versions of Android, also known as custom ROMs. Developers can create these custom ROMs and add new features and functionality that aren’t available in stock/vanilla Android.

Why you Reasons to install Custom ROM

After two years of operation, most Android devices do not receive updates from their manufacturers which makes them less secure and outdated. To counteract this, many people prefer Custom ROMs or Android customization to get the most out of the current Android world.

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Independent developers are working on their version of Android OS and launching several different custom ROMs on different devices. For people with a two-year-old device, but who want to get the most advanced version of Android, Custom ROM is the best option.

List of Android 12 Best Custom ROMs

#1. LineageOS

LineageOS Custom ROM
LineageOS Custom ROM

LineageOS is undoubtedly one of the best Custom ROMs in the Android industry right now. Replacing Cyanogen ROM completed their project a long time ago. Independent developers have also opted for it and based on the Google AOSP code, this is probably the most stable, fastest, and safest custom ROM. More than 190 Android devices have additional LineageOS support. So chances are that any device you currently have will support it as well.

There have been a total of 1.8 million LineageOS active users. In fact, LineageOS serves as the source of various custom ROMs out there. Along with regular monthly and night updates, it makes it as secure as the smartphone manufacturer’s OS. We have already seen LineageOS 17.1 and LineageOS 18.1 running on Android 10 and 11 respectively. So we can expect an Android 12 update soon in the coming months which may be called LineageOS 19.1. You can check out the preliminary details in LineageOS 19.1 here.

#2. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android Custom ROM
Paranoid Android Custom ROM

The custom ROM that comes back after a long time is Paranoid Android. Overall, the features and customization you get with this custom ROM may not be compatible with other Android stocks like custom ROMs, but the cleaner and slim Android version makes it fun to use. In fact, Google itself introduced Ambient mode on their OS after it was already available on Paranoid Android. This shows the existence that Paranoid Android has had in the past. Now,

However, Paranoid is only available on other Xiaomi, Asus, Sony, Poco, and Samsung devices. If you are the owner of any other device, then from now on, unfortunately, there is no way for you to get this ROM. But if you own some of these other devices, and you want a custom ROM then there is no better option out there. We can expect Paranoid to build Android 12 Custom ROM soon.

#3. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience Custom ROM
Pixel Experience Custom ROM

If Pixel devices are too expensive for you but you want to have the same software knowledge you can look no further than the Pixel Experience custom ROM. It offers the same customization and features as does the Pixel Device Software, and a few more. In addition to the same icons, fonts, labels, and more we have provided GCam built-in in this custom ROM.

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The great thing about this ROM is its device support. From a variety of Xiaomi, Oppo, Asus devices, and even high-end Sony devices, the Pixel Experience ROM is available on almost any device available. So if you have a device with very little Custom ROM support, just choose Pixel Experience ROM as it will undoubtedly provide the most stable information. This year, we will probably get the Pixel Experience based on Android 12. You can visit here to check if your device is compatible with the Pixel Experience custom ROM.

#4. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix Custom ROM
Resurrection Remix Custom ROM

Just as the name suggests, this Android 12 Custom ROM is actually a Remix of many Custom ROMs. This project is currently not in any development mode, but fortunately, some independent engineers are doing the work. So you do not need to worry about future updates. Improperly you will continue to receive updates. As a result of this, the ROM may not be stable on some devices in some cases but the features offered do.

Mostly some ROMs select specific features and add them to their ROM. But Resurrection ROM just includes all the ROMs like AOSP, LineageOS, Pixel Experience, and Paranoid Android that should provide and add a few of them. This makes it the richest custom ROM on this list and will definitely take up a lot of device resources. We may also see an Android 12 Custom ROM based on Resurrection Remix in the future. You can always visit their official website to get the latest updates.

#5. Havoc OS

Havoc OS Custom ROM
Havoc OS Custom ROM

Havoc OS is also a clean Android 20 as a custom ROM like the ones you see in this list. But the best thing about Havoc OS is how far it reaches and adds as many features as you can imagine. It is exactly the same as the Ressurection Remix ROM, but it has many customization options.

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In Havoc OS one can play even the status bar settings, simple notifications, touch gestures, and customize the device in every way and make it a device that meets all your needs. Havoc OS has regular updates and is considered one of the most stable custom ROMs. If you are looking for a stable Custom ROM with rich features, Havoc OS should be your direct choice. You can join the Havoc OS call channel to get the latest updates about the upcoming Android 12 cus

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