Orange Pi OS launched, based on Samsung One Ui

Orange Pi announced Orange Pi OS based on the open-source version of Samsung Galaxy One UI or Android. There are actually three versions of Orange Pi OS in total, but here we focus on the Open Android-based software.

Orange Pi OS is an open-source operating system for Orange Pi. Orange Pi OS supports Orange Pi series development boards, keyboard PCs, and other PCs. It can run Android, Windows, and Linux apps.

What is Orange Pi OS?

Orange Pi helps run various applications, uses other operating systems and behaves like Android. Allows users to experiment with different projects in the system.

Orange Pi OS launched, based on Samsung One Ui

How does works Orange Pi OS?

Orange Pi, a software company headquartered in Shenzhen Xulong, has launched a new Android-based laptop operating system. Recently launched operating systems look a lot like a mixture of Windows and Android. Based on Android, but with a more Windows-like look and feel. It provides all the basic functionality required for a desktop-oriented operating system.

Orange Pi 800 Keyboard PC is compatible with the latest operating system versions. Support for the Orange Pi 5 SBC is coming soon. The operating system is reportedly based on Android 12. This could be a trademark error as we are not aware of the Android 12 SDK available for the RK3399 chipset. Next year, we plan to develop Orange Pi OS (OH), a variant of Open Galaxy One UI, and Orange Pi OS (Arch), an Arm version of Arch Linux.

The company said its main goal in developing the Orange Pi OS was to create a comfortable and seamless user experience for its customers, especially those experienced with Windows and macOS, two of its most popular desktop operating systems. It claims to provide Built on the Android operating system, users can also benefit from the wide range of apps available. At this point, we don’t know much about the OS’s general device support.

The highlight of the Orange Pi OS is a user interface with a similar overall look and feel, providing a Windows-like experience. The operating system also has its own sophisticated privacy controls. The Google Play Store is already loaded, giving users easy access to various applications. The company also says it will soon offer a feature that will allow users to quickly switch between styles and themes inspired by Windows and macOS.

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Orange Pi OS with open-source Galaxy One UI:

This software is built with open Samsung One UI as the primary technical method, combined with Linux technology to provide compatibility and multi-terminal support.

Support multiple CPU architectures with better compatibility, better hardware and software ecosystem, security, customization, high efficiency, and low power consumption.

For example, it can be installed on tablets, handhelds, smart TVs, smart wearables, CCTVs, payment systems, self-service terminals, etc. Therefore, it can be used in various fields such as office, entertainment, manufacturing, logistics, education, and security.

Below you can see some other key features of this operating system. , supports the extension of maintenance screen functions to design system maintenance more convenient.

Security: Based on identity identification, access control, privacy, and vulnerability monitoring, the system strengthens defenses in all aspects, including trusted computing, data confidentiality, secure boot, application signing, and Protecting user application and data security.

Reliability: Based on a stable kernel version, kernel parameters and system components are optimized, system boot performance, memory usage, and other aspects are optimized, component redundancy is supported, and system stability and reliability are.

List of Orange Pi OS

List of Orange Pi OS

  • Orange Pi 800
  • Orange Pi 5
  • Orange Pi 4 LTS
  • Orange Pi 3 LTS
  • Orange Pi Zero2
  • Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS
  • Orange Pi R1
  • Orange Pi Zero
  • Orange Pi Zero LTS
  • Orange Pi One
  • Orange Pi Lite
  • Orange Pi PC
  • Orange Pi PC Plus
  • Orange Pi Plus 2E
  • Orange Pi Zero Plus2
  • Orange Pi 3
  • Orange Pi 4B
  • Orange Pi AI Stick Lite
  • Orange Pi Zero Plus
  • Orange Pi PC2
  • Orange Pi i96
  • Orange Pi 2G-IoT
  • Orange Pi 3G-IoT-A
  • Orange Pi 3G-IoT-B
  • Orange Pi 4
  • Orange Pi R1 Plus
  • Orange Pi One Plus
  • Orange Pi 4G-IoT
  • Orange Pi Lite2
  • Orange Pi RK3399
  • Orange Pi Prime
  • Orange Pi Win Plus

Orange Pi OS Features:

  • Desktop experience with start menu, taskbar, etc.
  • Support for multiple windows and maximizing, minimizing, and resizing windows
  • Task manager with quick app closing
  • Mouse support for Android games
  • Orange App Store marketplace
  • OTA online update
  • Control Center
  • Settings
  • File Manager
  • Boot Wizard
    • Good compatibility
    • Multi-terminal integration
    • Multi-field applications
    • Easy to maintain
    • High security
    • Stable and reliable
    • Rich software and hardware ecosystem
      • Resourceful
      • High compatibility
      • Easy to install
      • Highly secure
      • Stable operation
      • Fast software updates
      • Three different desktop environments
      • KODI player
      • Cross-platform application
      • Multi-framework systems: x86, Arm and Risc-V support

Download Orange Pi OS

Orange Pi OS is the officially supported open-source operating system for Orange Pi. It provides the Orange Pi OS desktop for Orange Pi series development boards, keyboard PCs, and other PCs. It can run Samsung Android running One UI 3,4, 5, 6 smartphones, Windows, and Linux applications and is an easy-to-use, easy-to-extend desktop operating system that is fast, secure, and stable, with a beautiful interface and simple operation.


(Source: OrangePi)

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