How to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain Problem

Want to improve your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain on Android 12 and 13 (ONE UI 4.1.1 and 5.0)? Here are tips for you. When you decide to buy a new phone, you check the presence of all the essentials like the latest processor, HD camera, good sound, and long battery life…. Wait! Bought the phone with the best battery option, but still, its battery drains very quickly. Well, it happens. However, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G models: SM-S908B, SM-S908B/DS (International); SM-S908U (USA); SM-S908U1 (USA unlocked); SM-S908W (Canada); SM-S908N (Korea); SM-S9080 (China); SM-S908E (Asia/Africa) has come a long way in the last few years when it comes to almost everything, including battery life.

In addition, the new technology added some great features such as fast charging, which greatly improved the turnaround time for users. In fact, you won’t see people lugging around power banks anymore because their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G used to die on them in the middle of the day. Thankfully, those days are gone, but there are definitely issues that cause your phone battery to drain quickly even now.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain Problem

But the large display size, more sensors, and higher processor versions take a toll on your phone’s battery. A permanent solution still seems far away. However, there are ways to save battery life and make it better than before. Here are tips and tricks to get the most out of your battery.

Here are 5 Tips to fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain Problem

Here’s how to fix your phone’s battery draining fast to extend your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G battery life:

1. Vibration is like a battery eater! Turn it off

Vibration uses more battery power than a ringtone. You may want to keep the vibration low when you type or receive a message or call notification. But it eats up a significant portion of your battery. Going the other way can significantly extend your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain and battery life.

2. Turn on the battery saver

Black wallpaper can surprisingly save your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G battery life! If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, you can save battery life by using dark wallpapers. This is due to the fact that the pixels in AMOLED displays only use battery power to illuminate bright colors and do not require power to display dark ones. The simple logic is that fewer bright colors, less power consumption.

3. Turn off features when not in use

We know that Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data (and of course a hotspot to share your internet) are among the important functions of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G mobile. But these functions drain most of the battery. Turn it off when you’re not using it, especially when you’re running low on battery. Switching to battery saver mode and even Airplane mode when the battery is low, will help you keep your battery for a long time.

4. Turn off automatic synchronization

Many apps, including Gmail, Twitter, WhatsApp, and many others, automatically sync data to keep it fresh and offer the latest updates. But remember, the more work your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G does on the back end, the more battery power it will consume. You can turn this off simply by going to Settings, Google Account, and turning off auto-sync for all apps that you don’t need to get information from all the time.

5. Get rid of widgets on the screen

Do you want to see all the information on the display? Then widgets must be one of your favorite features. But it wreaks havoc on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G Fast Battery Drain. You can remove unnecessary widgets to save Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G battery life.

6. Use dark mode

Its OLEDs are crisp-looking, punchy, and beautiful, to say the least especially when paired with a 120Hz refresh rate and a Quad HD+ resolution like on the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Apart from all that screen-viewing goodness, OLEDs can also help save battery life.

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