How to update Samsung Galaxy S22 5G on Android 12 manually?

Timely software updates on your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G smartphone are very important to ensure data security and maintain the efficiency of your phone. This latest software “Android 12” (One UI 4.1/One UI 4.1.1) updates fix software bugs, fixes all security errors, helps improve user experience, and provides us with advanced features.

Operating system updates are periodically updated on your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G smartphone. If you find it difficult, you should always check for updates personally, and find a solution to a problem that may have been released or hacked by your phone.

Software updates fall into two categories, the first being the operating system type and the second being security updates. Please note that the type and version of the update available will depend on your phone model as well.

Versions of Galaxy S22 5G: SM-S901B, SM-S901B/DS (International); SM-S901U (USA); SM-S901U1 (USA unlocked); SM-S901W (Canada); SM-S901N (Korea); SM-S9010 (China); SM-S901E (Asia/Africa)

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What is One UI 4.0 or One UI 4.1 features?

Many Samsung fans had reason to be pleased with the development of Android 12. Google unveiled the 12th largest update of its mobile operating system to Google I / O 2021. The first public beta for Android 12 was released soon after the event but was not available on devices. -Samsung. This is because Samsung is always using its beta system for Android OS development.

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Thus began the wait to see when the One UI 4.0, 4.1, and 4.1.1 for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets would arrive. Samsung will obviously include it in the new One UI update. Android 12 for Samsung devices is compatible with One UI 4.1, the company’s latest custom skin replacement.

Many more devices will now experience this latest duplication of the Android operating system. This is because Samsung is committed to providing three years of Android OS upgrades to its smartphones. All of these phones will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S22 5G.

What are Android 12 features?

Android 12 will enable easy Wi-Fi sharing with the Near Sharing feature. New screenshot options have also been added. This will prevent many people from downloading third-party applications to customize their screenshots.

AVIF image format support is certainly counted among one the best features of Android 12. This format promises improved quality with JPEG without increasing file sizes. The transcoding layer is installed on Android 12 to enable HVAC unsupported applications to use video compression.

Google has also made design changes to Android 12 to update the look and feel of its mobile operating system. Add Material You Color Themes so that users can create different color palettes that are used throughout the system and across applications.

Before updating the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G software please confirm:

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  • The smartphone must be connected to a stable network (Wi-Fi or mobile network)
  • There should be enough storage on your smartphone
  • The phone must have enough battery (over 50%)
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Here are Easy two steps for Galaxy S22 5G Android 12?

There are two options for updating your device. The first is the automatic update when you do not need to do anything, just select the automatic update option. The update will be downloaded as the device becomes available.

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The second option is to select the update in person. If on your smartphone the region is selected incorrectly you will not receive an update automatically. In that case, you should select the update yourself. We’ll tell you, how to update your smartphone manually?

#1. Update the Android 12 software on your Galaxy S22 5G manually

Update the Android 12 software on your Samsung Devices manually

Follow these simple steps to update your Galaxy S22 5G device:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Software updates.
  3. Tap Check for Updates.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Tap to Install.
  6. Click Install Now, when the update package is downloaded.

As you click Install now, the whole process starts automatically one by one. You do not need to do anything extra. Don’t worry Just relax and relax until the installation process is complete, as your device will restart a few times.

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After the device has started, for the first time after a software update, you need to enter a PIN, Pattern, or Password. Fingerprints or facial recognition will not work on the first opening.

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Congratulations, now your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G (Android 12)-(One UI 4.1) has been updated to the latest version.

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#2. Update the Android 12 software on your Galaxy S22 5G with Odin Tools

Follow these simple steps to update your Galaxy S22 5G device with Firmware:

  1. First, Download the official Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Android 12 (SM-S901B, SM-S901B/DS, SM-S901U, SM-S901U1, SM-S901W, SM-S901N, SM-S9010, SM-S901E, SM-S901E/DS) Firmware/Flash File.
    1. SamMobile
    2. SamFw
  2. Extract (unzip) the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G firmware file. Recommended using WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  3. Extract (unzip) the Samsung firmware file. Recommended using WinRAR or 7-Zip
  4. Download Odin Tool.
  5. Extract the Odin ZIP file.
  6. Open Odin and execute the file.
    Open Odin and execute the file
  7. Power off your Galaxy S22 5G phone, and go to the Download Mode Follow these simple steps;
    1. (hold Home + Power + Volume Down buttons / hold Volume Down + Bixby buttons then plug-in cable).
  8. Connect your Samsung phone and wait until you get a blue sign in Odin.
  9. Add the 1 file of Samsung firmware to AP/PDA or 4 files of Samsung firmware (AP/BL/CP/CSC) to its slots.
  10. Make sure the re-partition is NOT ticked.
  11. Click the START button, sit back and wait a few minutes.

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Congratulations, now your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G android 12 has been updated to the latest version, and you can check it by going to Settings, and then skipping to the About device or About phone. Here you will find the number of the currently updated version and all other related information.

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