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Google Camera APK or MOD known as GCam is one of the best camera apps available for Android 12 smartphones or tablets, the default camera app available for Pixel phones developed by Google. The latest version is v8.7.250 and is only available for Google Pixel phones (GCam port from the developer) and Google Camera, which can be installed on almost any Android 12 phone made by various developers.

Download Google Camera APK (GCam) for Android 12

Google Camera APK The image processing algorithms and modes are so different that other developers have created ports that work on almost every other Android 12 phone. The best Google Camera port hub that always provides the latest version and lists over 300 compatible devices. Find and download a compatible GCam here and experience the magic for yourself!

Our collection is the largest compared to GCam APK ports on XDA-Developers or other blogs. You can browse our entire portfolio of apps and try them on your phone to find the Google Camera that works best for you. All credit goes to developers like BSG, Arnova8G2, Parrot043, Wichaya, Wyroczen, Nikita, Urnyx05, Zoran, Celso (for his GCam port repository), and everyone who works tirelessly to bring these Google Camera mods to any Android 12 phone.

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What is Google Camera (GCam)?

What is Google Camera (GCam)

GCam, which stands for Google Camera app, takes your photos and picture quality to the next level with a host of advanced features like HDR+, Portrait Mode, and Night Mode. These and other software enhancements allow you to take better pictures than you can with your phone’s original camera.

About this app

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures and videos using features such as Portrait, Night Sight, and video stabilization modes.


  • HDR+ with Exposure and White Balance Controls – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
  • Top Shot – Pick the best moment with Top Shot. It automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
  • Night Sight – You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight highlights all the details and colors that get lost in the dark. You can even take photos of the Milky Way!
  • Super Res Zoom – Super Res Zoom makes your pictures sharper when you zoom in.
  • Motion Mode – Capture life in motion. Take professional quality Long Exposure and Action Pan photos.
  • Long Shot – Take casual, quick videos by simply long-pressing the shutter key in the default camera mode.

Requirements – The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones running Android 5, Android 6, Android 7 Android 8, Android 9, Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, Android 13 and above. The latest Google Camera for All Android devices connected to Google Pixel phones. Some features are not available on all devices.

Download (GCam) Google Camera APK

GCam App is a very successful camera app developed by Google for mobile phones. First released with the Google Nexus 5 phone, Google Camera is currently only officially supported on Google Nexus and Google Pixel devices. This camera app developed by Google may require some settings from the developer to install on other phones. It contains hidden features of Google Camera and adds many settings changed by the developers.

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Google Camera APK for Android 11, 12, and 13 download

Download Google Camera APK (GCam) Latest Version

Latest All Versions: [ Download Now ]

What is Gcam Go?

The Android 12 ecosystem offers endless functionality, from basic utilities to exciting customizations. Even AI is now an important part of Android 12 and is also beneficial for users around the world. Google has invested heavily in artificial intelligence to bring unparalleled capabilities, and Google Camera is a great example of AI prowess on Pixel smartphones.

  • Google offers two different Google Camera apps for Pixel smartphones and the Android 12 Go Edition Camera Go app. However, in the past, there were big differences between these apps, but the latest Android 12 app update Go Camera fills the gap, and both apps offer similar functionality.
  • The latest Camera Go app has been ported to Gcam Go 3.8.47 APK, bringing all the latest Pixel camera features like night mode, 100x zoom, AUX, and filter modes.
  • The latest version of Gcam Go 3.8.47 can be installed on almost all Android 12 smartphones worldwide. Unlike Gcam Mod apps, Gcam Go compatibility is excellent as it does not depend on camera2api and has no minimum hardware requirements.

Download Gcam Go 3.8.47

Download Gcam Go

Gcam Go is the only application that allows users to take high-quality photos and videos without occupying too much storage space. This is a must-have app that improves camera performance on low-end devices without sacrificing quality.

Latest All Versions: [ Download Now ]

Finally, Gcam Go is a great camera app that offers advanced features on an affordable smartphone. It is an ideal choice for users who want an easy-to-use application that offers high-quality photos. The newly added features further increase its weight compared to competing apps. It’s a great way to improve the camera experience without investing in a new phone. We hope our Gcam 3.8.47 download guide was useful for you.

How to Install (GCam) Google Camera APK for Android 12 mobile or tablets?

if not installing the first method try this app try these APK methods:

How to Install (GCam) Google Camera APK for Android

Note: Using install this app GCamloader – GCam Community for using GCam Google Camera APK on Android 12 Devices.

You can access Google cameras by installing the GCamLoader application on the Google Play Store. All you have to do is to choose your phone model from the interface after downloading the application.

Google Camera Go F.A.Q

Q1 App FAQ. What is Gcam Go v3.8.47, how is it different from other camera apps?
Gcam Go 3.8.47 is a camera application that offers advanced features on affordable smartphones. Unlike other camera apps, it does not depend on camera2api and has no minimum hardware requirements. It has a host of features, including night mode, computational photography, and improved camera performance on entry-level smartphones.

Q2. Gcam can upgrade to 3.8.47 installed on any Android 12 smartphone? What are the characteristics?
Yes, Gcam Go 3.8.47 can be installed on almost all Android 12 smartphones worldwide.
Its features include a simple and basic camera interface, advanced AI-based features such as night mode, face retouching, Google Lens and QR codes, HDR+ support, and support for secondary cameras.

Q3. Why is Gcam Go 3.8.47 a good choice for users who want to improve their photo experience without investing in a new phone?
Gcam Go 3.8.47 is a must-have application that provides high-quality photos and videos without taking up too much storage space. It improves camera performance on lower-end devices without sacrificing quality, making it ideal for users who need an easy-to-use app that delivers high-quality photos.

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